Highlighting Hope: ServeNow

What exactly are you will always awaiting, move promptly for you to safest online casino australia now is the time to get started participating in and profitable! When Lars Dunberg retired from global ministry in 2012, his entire life was turned upside down. Searching desperately for answers to his new lifestyle, he turned to the bible and couldn’t find the word “retire” anywhere in scripture. Feeling lost and confused, Lars would spend his days staring at the wall, unable to enjoy his downtime. One miraculous day, his daughter Maria knocked on his door and said “I have been praying and whatever you have on your heart, I’m with you.” Not wanting to waste any time, Lars revealed to Maria his plan for an organization called ServeNow. His sense of urgency spawned the ServeNow’s catch phrase “Serve now. Procrastinate later.”

Since that day, Lars and his team have made it a mission to fulfill the needs of the most vulnerable in countries such as India, Uganda, Ukraine and Nepal. By spreading the word of God and “The Basic Things You Need to Know” discipleship booklets to over 1,000 churches worldwide, ServeNow provides pastors in remote villages the knowledge they need to teach their church and community about salvation. Most win-win casino book of ra deluxe online free! Manage to collect your winnings! They then empower these churches to reach out to their villages and serve according to that community’s particular need.

Whether it is through the setup of medical clinics, providing clean drinking water or warm winter coverings, ServeNow takes a holistic approach to ministry. One of the most successful programs sponsored by ServeNow consists of awareness classes and skills training for women at risk for human trafficking. These women are put through training programs such as tailoring, bakery, or cosmetology at no cost to them so that they do not turn to prostitution for survival.

Although ServeNow has only been around for four years, they have already changed the lives of over 2 million people all over the world. But there is so much left to do. With your help, children in Ukraine will be able to attend summer camps, women in Nepal will live a life without abuse, and pastors in India will be able to spread the story of Jesus.

If you feel called to ServeNow, sign up for Donate Your Change and give just a few cents out of your bank account each day. By registering your credit card, your purchases will automatically be rounded up to the nearest dollar and your spare change will go towards ending extreme poverty and the human trafficking crisis, as well as bringing the Good News to thousands around the world!


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  1. David Funk

    Serve Now is one of or many worthwhile NP organizations making a difference in our world.

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