Fundraising Tips For Non-Profit Organizations In 2017

Let’s face it, fundraising is not the same as it was 20 years ago. Sending snail mail and hosting trade shows are not going to resonate with your donors anymore. If you’re looking to shake things up and make a difference the RIGHT way, here are some helpful tips for fundraising in 2017:

1. Go digital
The average person spends about 2 hours on social media every day and that number is expected to increase dramatically year after year. Do you know what that means? It’s time to get off your dinosaur and go digital! Whether you create a Facebook business page, post regularly on LinkedIn, or post eye-catching graphics on Instagram, you have to stick with it. Engage regularly with your donors and keep the conversation going on your platform of choice. Signing up your organization with Donate Your Change is also a great way to launch your efforts into the 21st century!

2. Make it easy
We’re about to hit you with another scary statistic. Did you know that, as humans, our attention span only lasts about 8 seconds? That’s right, people are more easily distracted than a goldfish. If you want your donations to keep rolling in, you have to make the process easy to navigate. If someone wants to donate to your cause but can’t figure out how to do it, they’re going to get distracted and completely forget about your charity altogether. Donate Your Change is the perfect solution because your donors don’t even have to think about writing a check and mailing it in. They simply register their credit card and BOOM, they’re supporting your NPO without even having to think about it. We’d like to see a goldfish outsmart that technology!

3. Update your language
This topic ties in with the goldfish example. People like to skim through content quickly and if your language isn’t engaging, they will skip it altogether. Once you pinpoint your target audience, notice how that generation speaks and then write your copy in that tone of voice. If you’re constantly using big words like “erudite” or “inveterate” (thank you with your millennial audience, they will find a cooler, hipper cause to donate to. People these days want to support a MOVEMENT, not just a bland charity with no personality.

4. Influencers
If you want to make a real impact, influencers are the way to go. This is how movements are created. Celebrities come with a huge audience and an authoritative voice that can persuade even the stingiest of people to pull out their wallets. Try digging into your contact list and see if anyone you know has the hook up in Hollywood. If not, there are hundreds of micro-influencers bouncing around social media that have thousands of followers and would love the chance to build their reputation.

5. Build trust
Give your donors insight into the daily life of your non-profit. Show them where their money is going by creating content that highlights your charity’s good works. By keeping your donors in the loop, you’re making them feel appreciated and you’re building trust. Donate Your Change is a helpful tool when it comes to being open and honest with your donors. By signing up for our secure round-up technology, your donors will be able to keep track of every penny they are donating. It’s a win, win situation!

We are always looking to help organizations reach their 2017 fundraising goals. If you would like to register your organization so that your donors can fit charitable giving into their daily lives, contact us today! Now get out there and start fundraising the right way.