Is changing donation free for donors?
Yes! Change Donations is completely free for donors to use. 100% of your donation will be passed on to charity. We charge charities for processing and listing fees.

How is my rounding calculated?
When you make a purchase with an associated credit or debit card, the “change” is calculated by rounding your purchase amount to the nearest whole euro. For example, if you buy a cup of coffee at a price of 2.85 euros, we will round to the nearest euro and donate 0.15 euros of change to an organization you support.

Can you see my payment information?
No, we can’t. All card data is managed by Stripe, and all open banking operations are controlled by your personal bank. We can only monitor charities that you support.

I can’t find my favorite charity!
Wow, no need to scold. Yes, we are happy to add your favorite charities to the platform, as long as they are regulated non-profit organizations.