LCBI graduate & Former board member, Joe Stolee

I was a skeptic – But it works!”

What exactly are you will always waiting for, head out immediately to online casino australia now is the time to start playing as well as winning! When I first heard about ‘donate your change’ to support LCBI, I was skeptical. The change I empty out of my pocket at the end of a workday and pile up on my dresser? How would it get there, and who would roll the coins?

But it turned out to be much simpler that that. After I found, I registered my credit and debit card with the program. The site asked me to select a maximum daily amount too.

Now, when I make a purchase with either card, the amount is rounded to the nearest even dollar on my statement (not at the till). So when I purchase gas for $52.75, 25 cents goes to a special account for LCBI. Most win-win casino book of ra deluxe online free! Manage to collect your winnings! When all those little bits of change add to more than $20, the sum is sent to LCBI and at the end of the year, I will receive a tax receipt for the full value of my donation.

Since I enrolled, my donations have already benefitted the school and I don’t even miss the money, but it would take a long time for me to make a difference, I thought.

Then I thought about all the alumni who have graduated from LCBI. If we ask 100 of them to register for this program, the school would receive over $2000 per month. If 500 alumni register, the school could receive over $10,000 per month – and would easily pay for a chaplain that President Hove is needing to complete the campus programming. And I would bet that those 500 alumni wouldn’t even miss the change. With 1000 alumni – well, you do the math!

Join me, President Hove, the staff, and the board of LCBI in donating our change, and let’s do this together. Go to and sign up. It’s that simple. LCBI can soon have a chaplain and all with just spare change.

Joe Stolee       See the Beacon original article here

The Strategy Group LLC

“As principals of a 27-year- old strategic marketing firm, we’ve met many startup firms needing support. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to review many new ideas. As strategists, we are practiced at seeing either the line of possibility or the sometimes-imperceptible flaws that will unravel the best ideas. We had two immediate responses to Donate Your Change’s roundup giving app: appreciation that safety/security issues have been well addressed, and complete agreement that this platform is a “no brainer” for our non-profit clients.

“Donate Your Change is ideal for growing a new generation of generosity.”

Jeffrey and Laurie Carney
The Strategy Group LLC