5 Ways To Say "Thank You" To Your Donors

Exactly what are you continue to watching for, proceed immediately so that you can the best online casino australia the next step is to begin with participating in in addition to profitable! We know you love your donors, but how well do THEY know that? Although your donors will be thanking YOU for signing up for Donate Your Change, you still want go the extra  mile to make them feel appreciated. Switching to round-up donations is a great place to start, but here are some other ways you can thank your donors:

1. Handwritten letter
Yes, this is a little old school, but nothing beats a personalized, handwritten note! It shows that you took the time (and shipping costs) to demonstrate your appreciation. Invest in nice stationary instead of business letters. Most win-win casino book of ra deluxe online free! Manage to collect your winnings! You want it to feel personalized even if you are sending it out to thousands of other donors.

2. Party
This approach works best with local charities that have most of their donors in one area. By throwing a soirée for your donors, you can put names to faces and thank them in person. Hire a catering company, rent out an affordable space, and start shaking hands!

3. Website placement
Let’s face it, we all get excited when we are publicly recognized for our stewardship. Whether it’s on your website’s home page or a new page entirely, post a list of donors that have been tremendously helpful to your fundraising efforts. Luck with sizzling hot slot can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks!

4. Social media posts
Give a shout out on Facebook or Instagram! Sharing this information on social media kills two birds with one stone. It makes your donors feel warm and fuzzy plus it allows them to share it to their page which is a great marketing tactic. Now their friends will see what great work your nonprofit organization is doing and will want to get involved!

5. Phone calls
Thank-a-thon anyone? Round up some of your perkiest, friendliest volunteers and host a day full of phone calls to donors. Let them know how special they are and how much their donation has helped out your charity. Who wouldn’t want to get a phone call like that??

All of these suggestions are great, but keep in mind that the key to happy donors is complete transparency. If you are open and honest with your contributors, they will trust your nonprofit organization and the money will keep flowing. Post annual reports, let donors know where their money is going, and even give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your events. This kind of accountability will go a long way with your donors.